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Compare Networks Ready To Rock

Compare Networks Ready To Rock

Compare Networks, owner of Dental Compare, recently posted an article by Dr. Larry Emmott entitled Beauty and the Technologist. In it, Dr. Emmott discusses the impending shift in the labor market driven by technological advance.

“Researchers at Oxford estimate that as many as half the jobs people are doing today will be eliminated by technology. This includes dentists and team members. There is one sure fire way to ensure you still have a job during the high-tech revolution. Become the ‘Practice Technologist.’” says Dr. Emmott.

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In the article’s side bar Dr. Emmott shares news of the Technology on the Rocks 2017 Adventure C.E. program to take place 5/18-20 in Sedona, AZ.

“You have a chance to learn all and more in Sedona Arizona, “the most beautiful place in America” (according to USA Today) on May 18-20. That’s when Dr. Larry Emmott and Danny Bobrow MBA (finance), MBA (marketing)  will present “Technology on the Rocks.”


AIM MarketingCompare Networks Ready To Rock

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