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December Call Analysis and Recommendations

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December’14 Call of The Month Evaluation

Please listen to the call, and then read our Evaluation.

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Call Analysis and Recommendations

Three main determinants in a successfully scheduled appointment from a first-time caller are 1). How early and often did the Team Member use the Caller’s name 2). How early and often did the Team Member show the Caller he/she cared about them and 3). To what extent did the Team Member demonstrate efficiency and competency in addressing the Caller’s need(s)?

In this instance, the caller actually had a prior relationship with the practice, and was also highly motivated by a desire to help get his wife out of pain. This certainly helped ‘grease the skids’ in ensuring the desired outcome, namely, a solid patient appointment.

The Team Member exhibits a caring tone throughout the call.

When it comes to insurance, the Team Member’s presentation, while somewhat disjointed and a bit choppy, did not derail the call.

Areas for improvement include avoiding negatively charged words, phrases, and inflection such as:

Doctor is NOTin the plan.
It ISa PPO right?
IFit’s a PPO

On the plus side, the Team Member used some good phrases too such as:

Sometimes the benefits are the same as if doctor is in the network

I especially liked how, once the Caller said “okay,” the Team Member moved on to getting the appointment scheduled.

Daniel BobrowDecember Call Analysis and Recommendations