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Earthquake Relief For Nepal

Earthquake Relief For Nepal

On April 25th, 2015 a high magnitude earthquake struck a wide area in Nepal, including its most capital and most populous city, Kathmandu. Among its casualties was the school that is Host to the Climb For A Cause / SmileTree sponsored oral health education and treatment project.

The dental clinic and main school building of the Sri Mangal Dvip (SMD) School in the Boudi District of Kathmandu were heavily damaged, with the latter being declared condemned by the municipal authorities.

Within 24 hours of learning of the disaster Climb For A Cause issued an Emergency Challenge Grant to raise funds to repair the structures.  Within just two days of issuing the Grant, $54,000 was raised; enough to repair both structures.

During a visit to the School ADM president and Climb For A Cause executive director Daniel A. ‘Danny’ Bobrow had the privilege of meeting with thd School’s Medical Officer Wang Chuk Rapten Lama, who shared with Bobrow how and when the funds were used. “We were able to repair the damage to the clinic rather quickly.” shared Wang Chuk. “Because of the severe damage to the main school building, repairs were more extensive and consequently took longer to complete. In fact, final repairs will not be completed for another two months. In the mean time, our students have been taught in makeshift tents and other structures.  Everyone will be grateful to have their building back, and are extremely grateful to the Climb For A Cause Foundation for making this a reality for us.” concludes Wang Chuk.

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