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Engaging Web Content for Your Dental Practice

Engaging Web Content for Your Dental Practice

We all understand the benefits that an engaging website can bring to a dental practice. Your website is the part of your dental practice that never closes. As a result, it’s intensely important that you continually produce rich and engaging content that drives new and existing customers to your site, which means incorporating the science of search engine optimization (SEO) to ensures that potential patients in your area find you. Your future patients should be able to find your website and engage with it long enough to get a feel for your practice and all that it has to offer.

However, this can’t be done effectively if you have the same stale content that never gets updated or changed. Google is not very friendly when it comes to websites that fail to display current, up-to-date information. When Google indexes the pages of your website, they prioritize fresh, rich, and engaging content and they rank your site accordingly. In order to continue to drive strong search traffic, it’s a good idea to regularly add content to your site. However, it can be hard to understand how to do this, strategically.


How Does Google Evaluate Web Content?

Every business wants to rank favorably with Google, and most of us want to appear on the first page of search engine results. However, you can’t achieve these results by simply making a few changes to existing web content. In fact, changing a few sentences of an existing web article won’t work to trick Google think that your site has fresh new content, so it won’t impact your Google search rankings. However, adding or changing entire pages will have that desired effect. You can increase your search rankings substantially by making bold moves such as adding new content and making changes to your main content, but changes to other smaller areas like the navigation, advertisements, and script changes will have less impact on your search rankings.

Does All Web Content have to be Fresh and New to Rank?

Fresh content is beneficial under most circumstances, however, there are some situations where new content doesn’t trump old content. Most web content is based on services, procedures, or events that change frequently. The freshness factor is extremely important in these situations. However, when it comes to information that hasn’t changed or historical facts, the freshness factor doesn’t apply. Stable, authoritative, and credible information ranks high.

How Can You Keep Your Dental Website Up to Date

We can keep search results working in your favor by making sure that your website reflects the most current services and procedures that are going on in your dental practice. If you’ve added new services and procedures, be sure to let the ADM team know about it! This is helpful for both existing and future patients, plus Google looks at fresh new information favorably and rewards your site with favorable rankings. This is truly a win-win situation.

AIM Dental Marketing® can do even more to help your site to continue to rank high in Google by using quality inbound links. This requires linking from pages that have an established authority and are continually updating their pages and information. This is a strategy that will also help your website. In essence, links to authoritative and credible websites reflect well on your website. The links work hard to give your site more credibility which also positively affects your rankings.

You can put all the tools and strategies in place to help your Dental website work for you even when your practice is closed. The internet is always open and Google never sleeps. Equip your practice with all the tools and strategies needed to continue to attract new traffic and maintain your existing customers by paying attention to the best search engine optimization (SEO) practices.

~ Danny Bobrow and the ADM team


AIM MarketingEngaging Web Content for Your Dental Practice

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