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June Call Analysis and Recommendations

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Please listen to, then evaluate, the call using the distinctions presented in The TAFI Introduction™ before proceeding to our Evaluation. The main benefit of Call Of The Month is to ‘Flex your self-coaching muscle.’

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Before You Make The Appointment…

Make A Friend

In this call, the Team Member begins by making the assumption that the caller is a current patient. While not necessarily a bad thing, it diverted the Team Member from adhering to The TAFI Introduction™, which, when employed properly, seamlessly allows you to:

Establish Rapport

Convey Empathy

Exude Enthusiasm


Manage The Call by employing the Close, Open, Close Questioning Paradigm to

Ask The Right Question In The Right Way At The Right Time.

The Caller is loquacious and open in sharing her enthusiasm for getting her teeth whitened.

Instead of sharing the Caller’s enthusiasm, the Team Member instead ‘gets right down to business’ asking how the caller heard about the office.  It is unclear why she is asking that question, except perhaps to gauge the effectiveness of their marketing. There are better ways to do this (tracking numbers, unique URLs, etc.).  This question is actually part of The TAFI Introduction™, but is asked to convey confidence and appreciation for the Referring Patient, not to draw insights into the practice’s marketing.

The Team Member then states “Now everybody’s needs are different so I would need to get you in for a consultation with one of the doctors first.” Unfortunately, this comes off as a precondition, rather than an expression of cooperation and in kind  enthusiasm that the practice can indeed help this Caller with what she wants, and not with ‘what we need.’

The Team Member does maintain control of the call, but in a rather ‘no nonsense’ and ‘cold’ sort of way.

It took until nearly a minute and a half into the call for the Team Member to even ask the Caller’s name.  As TAFI Masters know, ‘a person’s name is the sweetest sound they will ever hear,’ which is why it is so important to get it, confirm its proper spelling and pronunciation, and then use it early and often in the call.

We also recommend not asking ‘When was the last time you saw your dentist?’ unless it is accompanied by an explanation as to why you are asking, and how it is the Caller’s interest to share that information  Callers expect and deserve to know ‘what’s in it for me?’

We liked hearing how the Team Member offered to help the Caller find the practice.

Then the Team Member states arriving early is ‘required.’  Why not instead just set the appointment a few minutes early so any paperwork will be completed in time to keep the Team on schedule? Better yet, install online, digitally sign-able, and HIPAA compliant  new patient forms to save everyone the time and hassle of dealing with paper forms.  We can help with this, upon request.

The Team Member did end the call in a cordial manner.  While the appointment was made, the key, of course, is that the Caller keeps the appointment.  This is where connecting on an emotional level with Callers is invaluable – people are far less likely to ‘let a friend down,’ which is why making a friend before making the appointment is such a wonderful (and valuable) thing to do.

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