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October Call Analysis and Recommendations

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October’14 Call of The Month Evaluation

Please listen to the call, and then read our Evaluation.

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Call Analysis and Recommendations

The main observation to be made with this Team Member is her pacing – she is going sixty miles per hour when the caller is going around twenty five. It’s actually remarkable, given the fact the caller’s first language is not English, that she is able to understand what the Team Member is saying.

Another observation is her initial use of negatively charged words and phrases such as

  • We don’t do that
  • I can’t guarantee anything will be covered
  • There’s no guarantee

Eventually, she puts back on her Customer Service hat, and actually did successfully schedule the appointment, but the call could easily have ‘gone south.’

On the plus side, the Team Member is a friendly, caring individual, and that does eventually come to the fore in this conversation.

It could have been otherwise if the caller did not yet have any relationship with the practice.

Deft use of The TAFI Introduction™ almost invariably sets the Team Member for success by:

  • Establishing Rapport
  • Conveying Empathy
  • Exuding Enthusiasm
  • Asking the right questions in the right way at the right time
  • Employing effective listening technique.
Daniel BobrowOctober Call Analysis and Recommendations