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Practice Perfection: Dr. Abrams on Caries Detection

Practice Perfection: Dr. Abrams on Caries Detection

This installment in the PracticePerfection web-based educational series featured Dr. Stephen Abrams whose presentation was entitled Caries Detection: Earlier Is BetterDr. Abrams is President and co-founder of Quantum Dental Technologies, which has developed the Canary System for crystal structure diagnostics. In 1999, he began working on a non-invasive laser-based device for the detection and monitoring of caries.  In 2006, he founded Quantum Dental Technologies to finish development of the Canary System. This system, based upon the PTR-LUM technology, is currently available in both the US and Canada.

He also is a general practitioner with over 33 years of clinical experience.  Upon graduation from the University of Toronto, Faculty of Dentistry in 1980 he established a group practice in Toronto.

Furthermore, Dr. Abrams is Senior Member of the European Organization for Caries Research (ORCA) and the International Association for Dental Research. He has published over one hundred articles in various international publications on topics ranging from early caries detection, prevention, and removable dentures, to restorative dentistry and dental program design.

He holds honorary fellowships in a number of dental societies including: The Pierre Fauchard Academy, Academy of Dentistry International, American College of Dentists and the International College of Dentists.   He has, for the past 15 years, chaired the Ontario Dental Association’s Dental Benefits Committee, where he has known the joy of negotiating with the provincial government and local municipalities across Ontario on various government sponsored dental programs.  While leading this Committee, he has addressed head on issues of access to dental care, design of dental programs and the value of preventive dentistry.

In 2002, Dr. Abrams was awarded the Barnabus Day Award from the Ontario Dental Association for 20 years of distinguished service to the profession.

I first became aware of this exciting technology thanks to the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health, and had the pleasure of becoming better acquainted with Stephen, Bill, Colleen, Jennifer, and the rest of the QDT Team at the 2015 Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting.

Questions fielded by Dr. Abrams during the webcast include:

  • How to engage and empower the patient to have a stake and a role in their care
  • The importance of treating infection resulting from children’s contact with peers and adults
  • The extent to which a genetic predisposition is a significant risk factor
  • The learning curve to master the technology/communication presented
  • Lobbying the government to “move away from drill, fill and bill”
  • Whether there remains value in taking an x-ray on a regular basis
  • Critical factors in selecting a caries detection system
  • Whether remineralization therapy really works
  • How to engage patients to comply with and follow the practice’s treatment plan
  • What insurance companies think about these new preventive therapies
  • How to bill, and maximize likelihood of reimbursement, for using these new diagnostic devices

To view the webcast, click here.

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AIM MarketingPractice Perfection: Dr. Abrams on Caries Detection

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