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Update On Nepal Earthquake And Effect On Dental Charity

Update On Nepal Earthquake And Effect On Dental Charity

It’s Danny Bobrow coming to you from the Sree Mangal Dvip (SMD) School, where the Climb For A Cause / SmileTree dental charity’s Oral Health Education and Treatment Project, in partnership with our in country partner Global Dental Relief, is underway.

Over the next two weeks 16 volunteers will treat over 2,000 needy children, an indicaiton of the efficiency with which the projects operate, and of which we are, I think, rightly proud.

In may 2015, a devastating earthquake struck Nepal. Among its many casualties were SMD’s main School Building, and the building housing the clinic.

Within 24 hours of the earthquake, we issued a Challenge Grant to help repair the buildings. The extent and speed of the response surprised even me.

Between SmileTree, Climb For A Cause, and Global Dental Relief, we raised over $54,000!

I’m here today with the SMD School’s Medical Officer Wangchuck Rapten Lama to tell us about what the funds were able to do and the current status of the Rebuilding Effort.

Hon. Rapten “We are using the money not only to repair the clinic and Main School Building, but also to get ready for our next clinic. In the mean time, we’ve needed to conduct our classes in temporary tent structures.”

Rapten continues “Things do take time here in Nepal, but we expect the Main School Building to be ready for occupancy very soon.”

Anyone interested in participating in a future project (and a life transforming experience) is encouraged to email ADM’s president, and the Foundation’s executive director.

AIM MarketingUpdate On Nepal Earthquake And Effect On Dental Charity

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