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Profitability through Growth: Make change into DOLLARS!

About Our Presenter

Ken RunkleKen Runkle, America’s Profitability Expert™, is a much sought-after speaker and consultant for dental professionals throughout America. Ken consistently entertains and motivates audiences toward higher levels of achievement and practice profitability. As the Founder and President of Paragon Management Associates, Inc. and The Paragon Program™, Ken has consulted with and presented to dental professionals throughout the country on the subjects of personal and practice development. With more than 35 years of consulting experience to over 1,000 dental practices, Ken delivers strategic and common-sense solutions upon which to build an efficient and consistently growing practice.


Define business profitability, business growth and change.
Implement change, growth, and profitability.
Understand how to monitor and measure change for growth.

AIM MarketingProfitability through Growth: Make change into DOLLARS!