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Sneak Peek of the November Seminar: Vascular Inflammation

This installment of the Practice Perfection web-based educational series is hosted and moderated by Danny Bobrow, president of AIM Dental Marketing.

The webcast offered a sneak peek into a most exciting event in Las Vegas entitled Vascular Inflammation – the Oral Systemic Connection.  It’s a comprehensive approach to what we like to call the three Cs of growing the oral systemic practice – clinical, collaborative, and communication

The overriding objective was to present the link between periodontal and cardiovascular disease, and the protocols dentists can offer to address these.

Dr. Tom Nabors is a frequent and much sought after lecturer for both the medical and dental professions on molecular genetics in oral medicine, including the role that periodontal disease contributes to systemic inflammation, stroke, and diabetes. He is a life member of the American Dental Association, associate member of the AAP, fellow of the Am. College of Dentists, member of the Pierre Fauchard Honorary Society, and other medical-related organizations.  He is an exec. Consultant to Quest Diagnostics, and the president and founder of Integrated Health Care.

Dr. Bradley Bale is one of the nation’s leading specialists in preventing heart attack, stroke, and diabetes.  He co-founded the Bale Doneen Method and the Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center.  He is principal instructor in the Bale Doneen Method, training other medical providers across the country.  He also serves as the medical director of the Heart Health Program for Grace Clinic in Lubbock, TX. He is an assistant clinical professor at Texas Tech School of Medicine and an adjunct professor at TX. Tech School of Nursing

Amy Doneen is co-founder and medical director of the Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center in Spokane, WA.  She is also an adjunct professor at TX. Tech School of Nursing.  An international speaker on cardiovascular disease prevention, she is the co-founder and instructor of the Bale/Doneen Method course for the prevention of heart attack, strokes, and diabetes, as well as the chair of the Pacific Northwest Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association.

The presentation began with an audience poll concerning to answer true or false to the following: periodontal disease is an independent risk factor for Heart Disease; periodontal bacteria may be a better predictor of vascular diseases than clinical signs of Periodontal Disease; and that a large longitudinal study revealed that severe forms of Periodontal Disease increased risk of early death by a factor of 3.2 owing to cardio-renal failure.

It was noted that, despite all the evidence, various media outlets have stated, or at least inferred, that there is no relationship between Periodontal and heart disease.

The presentation proceeded to share what dentists and dental team members should know about diabetes and heart disease
that could lead them to changes in their protocols; what medical and dental teams need to know about periodontal disease, which might help them develop or reassess, as the case may be, their thoughts about this relationship

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Click the links below to view the webinar with guest presenters, Drs. Brad Bale and Tom Nabors.

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AIM MarketingSneak Peek of the November Seminar: Vascular Inflammation