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AIM Welcomes North Creek Dental Care

AIM Welcomes North Creek Dental Care

Work is underway to transform Dr. Thomas Ryan’s online presence into one that Takes AIM, that is, attracts, impresses, and motivates those using the internet to locate a dentist in Dr. Ryan’s community, as well as provide those researching the practice to decide to become a patient of it.

The process began with an Assessment of Internet Marketing Performance (AIMp). It continues with a creation of a fully responsive dental website, and integration of all relevant social media properties, then culminates with set up of unique blogging and drip marketing content.

“It’s always fun to be working with a dental practice located to close to our home office” Says AIM’s president Daniel A. ‘Danny’ Bobrow. “It means we have that much more opportunity to meet and work with the practice owner and his Team, which always leads to a stronger relationship, and quicker results” concludes Bobrow.

AIM MarketingAIM Welcomes North Creek Dental Care

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