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April Call Analysis and Recommendations

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Team Member’s introduction is okay:

“Yes it is! (MY NAME IS AMY) Who am I speaking to?” Great enthusiasm and tone.

“Are you in discomfort?” Again, good use of the TAFI INTRODUCTION.

Caller’s chief concern is coverage in the dentist’s absence. Otherwise, sounds like an ideal patient. This is what the call handler should recognize and respond to in as enthusiastic and reassuring a manner as possible.

Team member addresses caller’s concerns and gives reassurances: “Doctor is looking for another associate now, we are very flexible, emergency service. …. you can always get in touch with the doctor.” However, the manner of delivery suggested an open-ended timeframe and lack of confidence that, in fact, the practice could accommodate the patient.

“Yes we are (MOST DEFINITELY ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS!)” – While we encourage call handlers to be enthusiastic, the degree of enthusiasm in this instance may have been construed as desperation for new patients.

While the Team Member did attempt to secure contact information, it was done late in the call, and before the necessary trust level (empathy, and rapport) had been established.

The Team Member is to be congratulated for incorporating the new TAFI Call Handling Technology into her communication. As with any new technology, there is a period of adjustment required to master the material (if you’re a golfer, you know exactly what I am talking about). The improvement comes only after the necessary ‘period of adjustment’ has been completed.

We expect great things from this Team Member, however!

Daniel BobrowApril Call Analysis and Recommendations