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February Call Analysis and Recommendations

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While the call handler begins with a good introduction, including use of the practice’s tagline,  from there on it is the caller who remains in control and, as all TAFI Graduates know, whoever asks the questions controls the call.  This could easily be avoided by employing the TAFI™ Introduction, which is designed to establish rapport, convey empathy, and exude enthusiasm. Equally important, it places the dental team member in control by beginning with simple, close-ended questions (for a refresher of the TAFI™ Introduction, consult CD Number One of your TAFI™ Product.

If you think of the conversation as a tennis match, here’s the ‘play by play’:

Team Member: Nice Greeting and use of Tagline

Caller Question

Team Member: How long have, I’m sorry?

Caller Question

Team Member: Um, 20 years?

Caller Question

Team Member: Uh Huh?

Caller Question

Team Member: Well…we do limited partials, just because Dr. is doing the implants with dentures so partials are with another doctor.

Caller Question

Team Member: mmmHmmm

Caller Question

Team Member: Well, and there’s also other options..

Caller Question

Team Member: Okay?

Caller Statement

Team Member: Feel free to stop by any time. [Friendly Conclusion and invitation to visit. However, the Team Member never attempted to ascertain the identity of the Caller, and so has no way of following up or connecting with the Caller should he actually choose to ‘drop by.’]

Note the missed opportunities to use positive words and to sell the virtues of this practice to the caller. Note too how the team member failed to get into the caller’s rhythm, as illustrated by her speaking at the same time as the caller.


Daniel BobrowFebruary Call Analysis and Recommendations