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January Call Analysis and Recommendations

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Based on the caller’s introductory remarks, she seems to be on a single minded quest to confirm pricing from a number of sources, and, unless someone she calls is able to effectively differentiate themselves from the others, she will, in all likelihood, base her decision on the lowest price she is given over the telephone.

We do not need to spend time here explaining how this is likely not serving the best interests of the patient.

Let’s ‘reconstruct’ this call to demonstrate how, using the TAFI INTRODUCTION, the outcome might have been different:

Team Member’s Initial Greeting – no improvement necessary

Caller – Hi Nancy, my name is xxxx. I have not been in your office for a long time …. I was wondering what it would cost….

(note the important bit of information shared about a prior relationship with the office that the team member missed).

Team Member – I can certainly help you with that. My name is Nancy, may I ask who I am speaking with?

Caller – Yes this is xxxx.

Team Member – Hello xxxx.  Are you experiencing any discomfort?

Caller – No I’m not.

Team Member – Well, I’m certainly glad to hear that!  You say it’s been a while since you were here – How long has it been? I pride myself on knowing all our patients and want to be sure I remember you!

Caller – (response does not matter)

Team Member –  Great.  Well, we appreciate you offering us the opportunity to see you again.  Could you please tell me about what has happened, which leads you to believe you need xyz procedure?

Please note who is now in control of the call.

While the team member did begin by advising the caller of the need to see her before being able to provide a reliable estimate of necessary or recommended procedures, she quoted prices for a crown.

The TAFI INTRODUCTION permits one to establish rapport, convey empathy, exude enthusiasm, and subtly, but importantly,  gain control of the call to help the caller understand how it is in her best interest to receive the benefit of a complimentary ‘meet ‘n greet.’  Under these circumstances, the caller is reminded of the relationship (which, we can only hope, is a good thing) with the office, and see how it is in her own best interest to come in for that examination.

Daniel BobrowJanuary Call Analysis and Recommendations