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December Call Analysis and Recommendations

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The call handler’s tone is rather flat, almost depressing. She does vary her tone later in the call, but more variation would be even better.

She laughed when Caller stated she had repeatedly received ‘flyers’ in the mail. Preferable would be to enthusiastically acknowledge and thank her for agreeing to call in response to “Our New Neighbor Invitation!”

In general, the call is competently handled, albeit with a rather low score in terms of establishing rapport or conveying empathy.

When someone talks about their child, especially challenges associated with that child, it typically represents a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate your caring and thereby connect with the Caller e.g., “Oh I understand that. I have kids of my own. How old is yours?”

The call handler did manage to inject a bit of humor, which is always nice and helpful.
Stated, ‘We’re only here until ….’ which sounds like a negative limitation. Preferable to say, “Well, we’re actually available to see patients until…’

Uttering single word responses, e.g., ‘Right.’ while not necessarily perceived as negative, miss an opportunity to show interest in, and caring about, the Caller’s question.

In like fashion, “You’re looking at about 3:30” is a bit dry, if not harsh. Instead, try “We’d be delighted to see you at 3:30 if that works for you, CALLERS NAME.”

Strive to insert “I understand,” “I agree,” and “You’re right” as much as possible into your communications with prospective patients.

She did use the Caller’s name when saying good-bye “Okay. Thanks, Inez bye-bye.” Preferable would have been, “Thanks so much for thinking of us, Inez. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our practice soon!”

Daniel BobrowDecember Call Analysis and Recommendations