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August Call Analysis and Recommendations

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Sadly, the Team Member failed to connect with the caller, primarily because, while she did employ the TAFI Greeting, she failed to use the TAFI Introductory Script, which sets the stage for a positive call outcome:

TAFI Greeting

— Thank you for calling PRACTICE NAME where we TAGLINE. This is YOUR NAME. How may I help you?

TAFI Introductory Script

— I can help you with that, my name is YOUR NAME. With whom am I speaking?

— Are you in any discomfort presently CALLER’S NAME?

— Who may we thank for referring you to us?

— Would you mind if I place you on hold for just a moment, so I can get to my desk, and give you my undivided attention?

Instead, she immediately went into an elaborate (and excessive) reply to the caller’s question about insurance, using negatively charged words and phrases such as “We don’t”, “We are not”, “I don’t know” and “You have to.” She did this before ever:

· Establishing Rapport

· Conveying Empathy

· Exuding Enthusiasm


· Taking Control of The Call By Asking Questions

Note further that she failed to request or use the Caller’s name, which makes it that much more of a challenge to connect with the Caller.

Preferable would be to first connect with the caller by using the TAFI Introductory Script, then using phraseology such as:

— If you wish to have a third party reimburse you for your treatment, we are happy to process the paperwork for you.

— Our Benefits Coordinator NAME’s job is to help you maximize the benefits to which you are entitled.

— ‘That’s why we make it easy for you to experience for yourself if we are the practice for you by…’

— ‘All financial considerations are shared in advance of any treatment’

— ‘..because we never let affordability get between you and the care you want and deserve’

Consequently, her valiant “11th hour” attempt to schedule the appointment was doomed to failure.

Daniel BobrowAugust Call Analysis and Recommendations