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September Call Analysis and Recommendations

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What we liked: Good Inflection

What we would have liked:

  • For the call handler to have used the TAFI Introduction Sequence, specifically, to get and use the caller’s name, and thereby make an emotional connection as well as take control of the call by being the one asking the questions
  • To have listened closely to understand that indeed the caller knew he was calling a dental office, and wished to learn how they could help him
  • To have not fallen into the Self-Fulfilling Prophesy Trap by assuming that this patient was of ‘low quality.’
  • To have early on in the call established rapport, conveyed empathy, and exuded enthusiasm so she could ask if the caller would like to come in for a visit.
  • To have sold the virtues of the practice instead of making neutral or negative statements e.g.:

o   “We just do dental work.”

o   “..not the insurance part.”

  • To have heard the call handler recognize the caller’s question about periodontal disease as an opportunity to learn how the practice could help the caller



Daniel BobrowSeptember Call Analysis and Recommendations