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August Call Analysis and Recommendations

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Call Analysis and Recommendations
The Team Member was pleasant when answering the phone and used TAFI protocol by stating her name and saying, “I can help you”. She asked the caller’s name and said she needed to put him on a brief hold but asked for his phone number in case they got disconnected. The Team Member returned to the call after a few seconds and asked questions about his sleep apnea. She asked how the caller got their number and he said website.  The Team Member could have rephrased this question by saying “Who referred you to our office”, which is part of TAFI.

The Team Member kept control of the call and showed empathy to the caller by relating to his situation. She conveyed confidence that the Dr is the best at treating sleep apnea and that the he teaches other doctors on how to treat patients with similar issues.

Overall, the Team Member was positive and connected with the caller.

Daniel BobrowAugust Call Analysis and Recommendations