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July Call Analysis and Recommendations

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The Team Member answered the phone and stated her name in a pleasant manner. The caller stated that she needed a checkup and had not been to this dental office before. At this time the Team Member could have asked “How did you hear about us?” or “Who referred you to our office?” which would have given the Team Member a little more information about the caller and provided a good example of TAFI protocol.

The Team Member could have established a little more rapport and enthusiasm at the beginning of the call and should have stated her name and used the caller’s name throughout, which is part of TAFI.

The Team Member controlled the call and asked the caller if she had directions to the office and advised when to arrive to the office to complete paperwork. It would be a benefit to the patient if these documents could be completed before hand and submitted online to the practice.

Overall, the Team Member connected with the caller, and made the appointment.

Daniel BobrowJuly Call Analysis and Recommendations