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Call Sample #2 Analysis and Recommendations

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One ring before answered: Good

The call handler competently scheduled the appointment, yet missed the opportunity to ‘connect’ with the caller, opting instead to qualify before selling, that is, identifying needs and offering solutions, to the caller.

She also made the assumption that the caller had issues/concerns about price.

She did an effective job of ensuring the patient that no work would be performed without a complete explanation of recommendations and fees, which seemed to resonate with the caller.

Caller would do well to aggressively listen to callers to understand where best to ‘take’ the call.

In general, I would like to have heard the call handler connect with the caller by introducing herself, and getting and using the caller’s name.  She only requested the caller’s name toward the end of the call, and then only his last name.

Even when an appointment is made, the likelihood of if being kept is increased by having connected on an emotional level with the caller.


Daniel BobrowCall Sample #2 Analysis and Recommendations