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Cause-Related Partnerships Are True Win-Win Partnerships

Cause-Related Partnerships Are True Win-Win Partnerships

Something magical happens when your practice commits to supporting a worthwhile cause. By working together toward something bigger than yourself, individuals become a cohesive team working toward a common purpose.

The secret to success is ensuring everyone involved feels they are ‘getting something’ in exchange for their support. For many, all they seek is the knowledge and satisfaction that come in, knowing you’ve made a positive difference.

Specific participants benefit as follows:

Attendees at your Event have a good time, meet new people, learn about the cause you’ve chosen to support, and appreciate that your practice not only good at what it does: it also has a heart.

Merchants, by agreeing to donate or offer at deeply discounted rates, food, entertainment, facilities, decorations, prizes, etc., gain exposure to a new group of prospective customers.

The media get a ‘feel-good’ story to share with their readers, listeners, or viewers.

You and your dental practice benefit, not only because of the ‘good feeling’ and heightened appreciation participants have for you and your team: you also have the chance to spend non-clinical ‘quality-time’ with current and prospective patients.
That’s really when the magic happens.

Your chosen charity receives far more in donations than if you simply wrote them a check out of your own pocket – there is strength in numbers!
All of this adds up to that elusive but desirable phenomenon known as leverage.

That’s why CREM does not simply make sense: it also makes dollars: the more successful you are, the more generous you can be. That makes your charity happy too!

“Each year I have participated [in Climb For A Cause] (five and counting), I’ve had a terrific time and great sense of gratification. Following the Mt. Hood trip, my local newspaper ran a five-page article on the Event I plan to participate as much as possible, as I can think of no better way to ‘give back.”

Grant Ritchey, DDS, Tonganoxie, KS

AIM MarketingCause-Related Partnerships Are True Win-Win Partnerships