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December Call Analysis and Recommendations

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Because first impressions don’t always wait

For December’s Call Of The Month, we’d thought we’d simply share a stellar example of an Outgoing Message, aka Voicemail Message, which callers hear when they call this office and are unable to speak with someone. A nearly identical version of this call recorded on the doctor’s personal voicemail so that, when the office is closed, calls are forwarded to him for prompt follow-up.

Please listen to the call and then read our Evaluation.

» Click here to listen to December’s call

Call Analysis and Recommendations

The message is recorded in the doctor’s own voice – those who are current patients will recognize it and thereby be reminded of how engaged and concerned this doctor is for his patients.
He first thanks the caller for their decision to contact the office – this supports and acknowledges the caller for making what might have been an uncomfortable call.

He then restates his practice tagline – reminding (or informing, if a first-time caller) of the practice’s commitment to a ‘positive patient experience.’

He clearly enunciates and varies the tone of his voice.

The message reminds people that the information they share is kept confidential and will be used to learn how to help them.

Instead of simply advising people, in the event of an emergency, to ‘call 911’ or similar, the message lets callers know exactly how to reach the practice, as well as the fact that ‘we’re concerned.’

The message is also short (less than 30 seconds), which shows respect for the caller’s time.

The only piece of constructive observation is that the ending could be a bit more upbeat.

Daniel BobrowDecember Call Analysis and Recommendations