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February Call Analysis and Recommendations

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Please listen to the call, and then read our Evaluation.

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Call Analysis and Recommendations

The Team Member was responding to a lead generated via the practice’s website.

This Team Member did an excellent job employing The TAFI Introduction™ . This is especially remarkable in light of the fact she is a new trainee, and has had little opportunity to practice with live callers.

Note her use of the Statements of The TAFI Introduction, as well as her use of the Caller’s name, and how she quickly connected with the caller.
A few observations:

  • We subsequently suggested that the practice change its policy so that the $90 fee for the mold be applied to the Snap on Smile procedure, should the new patient choose to follow through with treatment. We also pointed out that, as the practice already offers a complimentary evaluation, the need for the Study be downplayed as it may well be determined, following the evaluation, that the Caller may not choose that particular procedure anyway.
  • The ‘Payment Plan Question’ might have been handled differently e.g. instead of saying “We have different institutions we work for.” The answer to the question could have simply been ‘yes.’
  • Because the Team Member was not afraid of silence at the other end of the line, instead recognizing it as an opportunity for the Caller to process the information just shared, she was rewarded for her patience by hearing those glorious words “When can I come in?”
  • Addressing ‘Capacity Issues’: As this practice has rather limited available hours, it is all the more incumbent upon the Team to communicate the practice’s Value Proposition, so Callers are willing to wait to be seen by the doctor. In this case, because the doctor is a professor at a prestigious dental school, the Team was advised to extol her as “…a highly respected educator who actually instructs other dentists in the community.” We were also impressed by how the Team Member remained poised and calm while searching for an available time for the Caller.
  • The On Hold Message could be louder, and the Team Member might have done a (slightly) better job asking the Caller’s permission to be placed on hold.
  • The Team Member nicely closed the call by expressing gratitude, and confirming the practice appreciates being notified should the caller need to change her plans (she did not).
Daniel BobrowFebruary Call Analysis and Recommendations