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March Call Analysis and Recommendations

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Please listen to the call, and then read our Evaluation.

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Call Analysis and Recommendations

Because this is a ‘growth area’ for many practices, and because it underscores the importance of ‘knowing what we’re selling,’ we chose this month to evaluate a call made in response to a specific service (CPAP alternative) offered by the practice.

We were reasonably impressed by the Team Member’s knowledge of the service and its relative merits vis a vis traditional CPAP treatment.

We would like to have heard more translation of attributes to benefits (people always listen to ‘radio station WIFM’ i.e. What’s In it for me?), and of course, use of The TAFI Introduction™ to connect emotionally with the caller.

Because inquiries concerning obstructive sleep apnea often are made by spouses/significant others, an addition to The TAFI Introduction™ should include asking “Are you calling for yourself, or someone you care about?”

Reducing verbal ticks such as ‘um’ helps to instill a sense of trust, confidence and authority. When deciding what to say, silence is always preferable to ‘um’, ‘so’, ‘you know’, and ‘uh.’ Crispness and clarity are what we listen for in a Master Telephone Communicator.

The Team Member gets kudos for waiting for the caller to return to the line (the call was edited down – hold time was actually close to two minutes – here’s where a cordless headset comes in particularly handy, as it permits one to ‘multitask’ while waiting for the caller to return to the line).

We would like to hear more space, and even some silence, between when the caller finishes talking and the Team Member responds/initiates. We heard a lot of the Team Member ‘talking through’ the caller.

Some verbiage the Team Member used, and we liked, includes:

  • “We work closely with your treating physician…”
  • “We pay attention to his (the patients) particular situation.”
  • “His condition does not sound severe so (he’s a) perfect candidate for it.”
  • “(We offer a) no obligation test…”
Daniel BobrowMarch Call Analysis and Recommendations