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July Call Analysis and Recommendations

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July’14 Call of The Month Evaluation

Please listen to the call, and then read our Evaluation.

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Call Analysis and Recommendations

This is one of those rare instances where a slight deviation from the TAFI Introduction™ is indicated (the most common example of when to deviate from the TAFI INTRODUCTION™ is, of course, when a caller is in discomfort and requires immediate care).

In general, the Team Member’s tone was pleasant and courteous.

Placing of the caller on hold was likewise courteous, and she apologized for the brief hold time.

While better than silence, the practice’s on hold message is clearly of 1980s vintage, and misses an important opportunity to convey an image of professionalism to callers.

While it is indeed possible that the caller was not reaching the office she had intended, the Team Member may nonetheless have missed an opportunity to help the caller. At the very least, she could have asked how the office might be of assistance.

The Team Member seemed more concerned with making the Caller wrong than with identifying her wants and needs, then seeing how the practice might be of assistance. Negatively charged words and phrases such as “We did not mail anything” “We did not EMAIL anything” and “We don’t email” only served to alienate the Caller.

Anyone calling the practice should be “considered innocent until proven guilty,” that is to say, a prospective patient, until the Team Member is advised otherwise.

Note: There is also clearly a lack of communication within the practice because, In fact, this practice DOES send emails through its website.

Daniel BobrowJuly Call Analysis and Recommendations