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June Call Analysis and Recommendations

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June’14 Call of The Month Evaluation

Please listen to the call, and then read our Evaluation.

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Call Analysis and Recommendations

This call illustrates that effectively connecting with a prospective patient requires the ability to connect emotionally, as well as listen to the concerns of the Caller. It also underscores the vital importance of not prejudging those concerns.

The Caller was clearly concerned about the value of care being delivered by her current provider, and was looking, first and foremost, for a sympathetic ear to hear them.

Instead of addressing the Caller’s concerns about ” problems”, “money”, “results”, “not getting ahead,” and “slowly going broke,” the Team Member instead took it upon herself to (almost) interrogate the Caller as to why (and whether!) she ought to be seeking another opinion.

What was called for most was acknowledgement that the Caller’s concerns are legitimate (because they’re hers).

As stated, the Team Member instead chose to advocate on behalf of the unknown dentist who “usually makes it right with you.”

Even after the Caller reiterated her simple desire for a second opinion, the Team Member asked “What’s wrong with the uppers” then consistently interrupted her.

The Team Member seems to have concluded that, because the Caller expressed concerns about cost and treatment recommendations, plus the fact she’d been with the current dentist for 7 years, she was not entitled to a second opinion – a message the Caller ‘heard’ only too well.

Because it ensures that Team Members establish rapport, convey empathy, exude enthusiasm, and professionally manage the call, those who master the TAFI Introduction™ find that such obstacles to connecting with First-Time Callers rarely appear, which is one more reason that Telephone Skills Mastery means mastery of the TAFI Introduction™!

Daniel BobrowJune Call Analysis and Recommendations