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Manage Patient Feedback Proactively

Manage Patient Feedback Proactively

Online reviews are an important boost to your marketing efforts, but patient feedback may not always be positive. Instead of attempting to remove a negative review from a real patient, it might be worth your time to engage with your patient and resolve the issue.

Manage Feedback Right
AIM Dental Marketing® recommends taking these steps when handling negative feedback:

Appreciate the patient’s voice. Many patients just don’t come back, leaving you wondering what you did wrong. Thank your patient for taking the time to give you feedback.
Don’t simply react. Respond. Don’t defend your practice or make accusations. If the negative feedback strikes a nerve, calm down before you reply.
Carefully choose your words. A timely, well-thought out response will reflect on your professionalism. Shorter conversations are usually better.
Have an eye to the public. Keep in mind that on many review sites, what you say is also visible to potential patients. But even private conversations can become public quite quickly.
Show outcomes. Outline what you plan to do or what was done to resolve the situation. Let the patient know you really listened to their complaint.
Change your perspective on feedback. Growth comes with friction. All feedback is beneficial, but negative feedback can make you take a look at how your practice can be better. Positive feedback simply reinforces what you’re already doing well.
Get Help Managing Your Online Marketing
We at AIM Dental Marketing® recommend having a plan to resolve negative feedback, and are here to help you create that plan and take charge of your online presence. Contact us today to get started!~ Danny Bobrow and the ADM team.

AIM MarketingManage Patient Feedback Proactively

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