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March Call Analysis and Recommendations

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March’14 Call Evaluation

Please listen to the call, and then read our Evaluation.

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Call Analysis and Recommendations

  • Unfortunately “We do not” seemed to be the dominant theme of the Team Member’s communication with the caller. Far better is “Yes We Can!”
  • The Caller used the Team Members name: the Team Member did not reciprocate
  • The Team Member keyed in on the one answer of two she could not answer with a ‘yes’
  • Single word answers such as ‘Yep’ miss an opportunity to demonstrate professionalism and caring
  • The Caller asked the questions and so remained solidly in control of the conversation
  • The Team Member’s answer to the “special needs question” was basically “no” as well. This was made without bothering to ascertain what the Caller meant by Special Needs. Here was an opportunity for the Team Member to regain control of call, as well as to demonstrate empathy, and to confirm whether the practice was in fact (not) able to provide what the caller needed for her special needs child.
  • The Caller, in essence, gave the Practice three opportunities to demonstrate its ability to help her and her child. In this case, life, sadly, imitated Baseball: Three strikes and you’re out.
Daniel BobrowMarch Call Analysis and Recommendations