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May Call Analysis and Recommendations

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Please listen to the call, and then read our Evaluation.

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Call Analysis and Recommendations

The Team Member started off with a terrific introduction: upbeat, enthusiastic, with an excellent tagline.

Instead of responding with ‘okay’ to the Caller’s first three questions, use of The TAFI Introduction™ would have allowed the Team Member to establish rapport, convey empathy, and further exude enthusiasm, all while gaining control of the call.

The lack of an On Hold Message may well have made the hold time rather uncomfortable for the Caller (as well as risked having her hang up). It is also advised to formally request permission to place a caller on hold. When the office manager took the call, she should have apologized for the delay.

In general, the Team Member did a good job of gathering the Caller’s information and subsequently following up on her request.


“If we’re going to do business together, the details can wait.
If we’re not going to do business, the details don’t matter.”

The Art of First Impressions

Daniel BobrowMay Call Analysis and Recommendations