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June Call Analysis and Recommendations

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Please listen to the call, then evaluate the call using the distinctions presented in The TAFI Introduction™ before proceeding to our Evaluation. The main benefit of Call Of The Month is to ‘Flex your self-coaching muscle.’

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Call Analysis and Recommendations

Regrettably, this Team Member seems bent on screening the caller and getting off the phone as quickly as possible.

When we hear calls like this, we suspect a clear message is being sent (either explicitly or perhaps subconsciously) from ‘above’ that the office ‘cannot be bothered’ with connecting with any but the most highly qualified prospective patient. The consequence of this is that the practice does not grow as quickly, or help as many people as it otherwise could, and the Practice Owner and Team don’t even know it!

Using the guidelines as presented in The TAFI Introduction™, evaluate the Team Member’s ability at:

  • Establishing Rapport
  • Conveying Empathy
  • Exuding Enthusiasm
  • Asking the right questions in the right way at the right time
  • Employing active listening technique to learn what’s important to the caller

The one thing the caller did well was to Gain and Maintain Control of the call. Unfortunately, she did this to the exclusion of the above.

Please Remember This…

“If we’re going to do business together, the details can wait.
If we’re not going to do business, the details don’t matter.”

The Art of First Impressions

Daniel BobrowJune Call Analysis and Recommendations