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July Call Analysis and Recommendations

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Please listen to the call, then evaluate the call using the distinctions presented in The TAFI Introduction™ before proceeding to our Evaluation. The main benefit of Call Of The Month is to ‘Flex your self-coaching muscle.’

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Call Analysis and Recommendations

We chose for this month’s COTM a particularly long call. We did so because it beautifully illustrates so many of the distinctions that TAFI offers, and Master Telephone Communicators employ.

This practice offers an in office dental savings plan. The caller had already chosen to proceed with the Plan, and then received a direct mail solicitation.

Rather than respond in a defensive or argumentative fashion, the Team Member enthusiastically welcomed the caller’s questions, and worked to help him to first understand his options, then choose the best course of action for him and his wife.

Listen for the Team Member’s deft use of:

  • The TAFI Introduction™ (I especially love her delivery of the practice tagline)
  • Listening
  • Silence, to allow the Caller time to digest and formulate his responses, as well as share what’s important to him, and the Team Member’s
  • Translation of attributes (features of the Dental Plan) into benefits (what’s in it for the Caller)
  • Empathy, Rapport, and Enthusiasm to connect with the caller and keep the tone of the call positive

The Team Member deserves special kudos as this was the first call of its kind she received.

She did a wonderful job retaining her composure, while showing respect and support for the caller.

When interrupted, the Team Member stopped talking.

She calmly explained the two types of x rays.

She enunciated, used good inflection, and maintained a positive energy level.

Again, she demonstrated excellent use of the TAFI Distinctions: Listening, Questioning, Patience, Empathy, Rapport, and Enthusiasm.” She did not rush or judge. She used the Caller’s name, and that of his wife.

She even handled the “What would you do?” question well. It is clear that she has no agenda, other than to help the patient.

And, because people tend to remember the beginning and end of an interaction, be it a movie, book, or conversation, the Team Member concluded the call in a most positive manner.

Daniel BobrowJuly Call Analysis and Recommendations