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November Call Analysis and Recommendations

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Call Analysis and Recommendations
The Team Member answered the phone with enthusiasm, using the practice name, practice tagline and her name.

Her answer to the Caller’s question as to whether the practice is on the east or west side of the street was “We are on the left side.” Fortunately, the caller was accommodating, and helped confirm the practice location.

This is one of those questions for which the Team can easily prepare i.e. figuring out in advance whether practice is located on the east of west side of the street:)

Knowing how to help people find your practice is important, as it helps convey a sense of organization, professionalism, and helpfulness to someone who may not yet know you, and should take into account availability of parking, public transportation, traffic patterns, and other location-specific information.

It’s one more way to create a great first impression!

Daniel BobrowNovember Call Analysis and Recommendations