AIM Dental Marketing

Principles of Effective Dental Direct Mail III

By Daniel A. Bobrow, MBA (University of Chicago) & MBA (K.U.L. Belgium)

This is the third of three issues on this topic.

In the previous two issues, we presented detail on the best audiences to target to promote your dental practice, as well as how to structure a successful campaign. In this final Issue, we present techniques for tracking, monitoring, and making reliable decisions, namely, continue, tweak, or trash.

Garbage In, Garbage Out

We’ve all heard this before, and likely understand it means that the output of anything, be it sausage, data analysis, or dental care, depends upon the quality of the input. In the case of analyzing the results of a direct mail (or any) marketing campaign, the means must be in place for collecting not only accurate but also complete, data. One of the simplest ways to do this is to assign a unique telephone tracking number on your direct mail piece. We also recommend a vanity URL (special website address extension), which, as with the telephone number, only appears on your mailer.

Armed with these two pieces of nifty technology, you are now able to evaluate not only the number of responses but also the quality of the response. What do we mean by quality??

What happens after the telephone rings is just as important
as getting it to ring in the first place!

Our next Issue will emphasize the importance of ‘breaking it, even if it ain’t broke”


Daniel A. ‘Danny’ Bobrow,

AIM MarketingPrinciples of Effective Dental Direct Mail III