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September Call Analysis and Recommendations

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Please listen to, then evaluate, the call using the distinctions presented in The TAFI Introduction™ before proceeding to our Evaluation. The main benefit of Call Of The Month is to ‘Flex your self-coaching muscle.’

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Call Analysis and Recommendations

The emphasis on this Call Of The Month is empathy, which, as all TAFI Masters know, is defined as:

A relation marked by harmony and conformity. It is the ability to not simply understand, but feel, the other’s perspective and situation.

Establishing empathy early in the conversation is essential to connecting with the caller, which is itself a necessary precursor to effective call management.

While the Team Member featured in today’s call was not rude, she also missed opportunities to demonstrate caring and empathy. In this instance, it was the Caller who used the Team Member’s name and was quite polite.

The Team Member’s responses were primarily ‘ya,’ ‘hang on,’ ‘we don’t,’ as well as talking to herself.

Mastery of The TAFI Introduction™ transforms calls like this into solid patient appointments. Try it for yourself.

Replay the recording, then pause, and use the TAFI Intro – you’ll hear the difference!

Daniel BobrowSeptember Call Analysis and Recommendations