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September Call Analysis & Recommendations

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The phone rang seven times before being picked up. We want to show respect for our callers at every touchpoint, even when we do not have the opportunity to speak with them directly.

During office hours, callers should have to listen to no more than four rings before their call goes into voicemail.

When you are not in the office, your voicemail should be set to answer as quickly as possible, e.g., one or even ZERO rings.

Finally, when someone does not leave a message, it is always a good idea to return the call (assuming you have caller i.d. or are using our LeadTrak© service, which captures caller information) as soon after the call is received as possible.

More than once, our clients have returned such calls, only to learn the caller did not have time to leave a message and wound up appointing because of the practice’s demonstration of interest by following up on the call!

Daniel BobrowSeptember Call Analysis & Recommendations