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Your Website Is The Hub Of Your Dental Marketing Wheel

Your Website Is The Hub Of Your Dental Marketing Wheel

Properly structured, your website serves as the locus of attention and attraction, in effect, your ‘online practice.’ To put it colloquially, all roads lead to your website.

This does not simply happen on its own. Your online reputation must be managed and structured to ensure that review sites, directories, social media platforms, and other places on the web citing your practice are both coordinated and managed properly and consistently.

Laws of Attraction
Quality SEO for your dental website will result in top search engine rankings for prospective patients who work or live near your dental practice, and are searching online for a dentist. Because the vast majority of people will choose from among the first few options on page one of Google and other search engines, it is imperative that your website be there.

Success at the SEO means taking full advantage of three distinct On-Page Search Engine Optimization
This component of an effective dental SEO strategy is itself composed of several factors, all of which have in common that they are concerned with management of your website’s structure. It includes:

Ensuring plenty of well written and dental-relevant content is maintained and regularly added to your website
Promoting keywords that are relevant for those searching for a dentist in your service area
Having your website’s content presented in a way that is appealing and reads in a grammatically correct way
Here’s is where art meets science in the world of SEO – your website must ‘play’ to search engines, whose job it is to rank highest those websites it deems to be the most relevant, while simultaneously appealing to actual human beings, who base their decision upon how appealing a website is to them.

Keywords and phrases need to be present in an optimal ratio relative to the other text comprising your website. That’s one reason it is called search engine optimization.

Get Started With An Online Dental Marketing Strategy That Works
If you would like more information about how SEO can help your dental practice, contact AIM Dental Marketing® today! We would love to give you a free consultation and show you how a great online dental marketing strategy can help your practice grow exponentially.

AIM MarketingYour Website Is The Hub Of Your Dental Marketing Wheel