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One Size Does Not Fit All For Dental Marketing

One Size Does Not Fit All For Dental Marketing

I’ll venture to guess that if a patient calls your dental clinic and asks, “How can you help me?” your answer is not going to be the same for every caller. Instead, I bet you’ll explain that, to answer honestly and accurately, and to be certain your answer is a fit with their wants, needs, and budget, you’ll need to ask them questions and likely perform an examination.

When it comes to growing your dental practice, don’t you deserve the same level of care and individual attention? At AIM Dental Marketing®, we think so.

Since 1989, we’ve helped dental practices grow in a measured and image-conscious way. We’ve done it by taking AIM, that is, through individual:

Analysis of your unique set of challenges and opportunities and how you
define success
Implementation – employing a rigorous protocol that ensures all facets of
your practice success plan is integrated and optimized and
Monitoring to see for yourself what’s working and how well.

We were founded by dentists, for dentists.
Being the nation’s most experienced full-service dental marketing agency, we’ve learned that most dentists are reasonable people who, because the majority of their formal education has centered around delivering excellent clinical care to their patients, they often appreciate and benefit from the support of trustworthy people who deliver excellent dental business-related care.

I’ve also learned that, as it is with your practice, not everyone is a ‘fit’ with our offering and philosophy.

We find that dentists who have the most favorable experience as an AIM Dental Marketing® Client share several common characteristics. They:

  • Allocate a reasonable amount of time each month to working on, as opposed to in, their practice
  • Are open to hearing about new opportunities as our ongoing research and development reveals them
  • Consider and respond to suggestions we share, either with feedback or questions
  • Value being kept apprised of progress and so read our monthly status reports
  • Share feedback (including constructive criticism) with us in a timely way

Do You Feel Your Clinic Is A Good Fit for Dental Marketing?
One of the most gratifying aspects of my work with dentists across the country is that so many of them view us as their trusted adviser when it comes to matters beyond our practice building services. I think they feel comfortable doing this because in the 30+ years I’ve worked in the dental field, I’ve learned never to ‘silo’ our services; to never view them in isolation: while what we offer is necessary for practice success, it is sometimes not sufficient.

That’s why I’ve made it my business to learn ‘who does what well,’ and with whom I can entrust my clients (and my reputation) by making a recommendation.

I’m not saying I know everything about everyone in the dental industry – I don’t. In those instances where I am made aware of a company or person with whom I am unfamiliar, I commit to learning about them – this serves not only the client who made the introduction – it also adds to my knowledge base, which helps other dentists too.

A collaboration of this sort serves to ‘raise all boats’.

Clients seem to appreciate my frankness and directness. I think they also appreciate that I do not claim to have all the answers but am committed to remaining abreast of and, in many instances, being in the vanguard of developments in dental marketing technology.

Illustrations of this are our 6 Pillars of Support to, as our firm’s Vision states, “…enhance the health and longevity of people of the United States and The Developing World”:

  • We were the first to identify the need for team telephone skills training to maximize conversions of calls into kept appointments. This led to my creating, along with Dr. Bill Blatchford, The Art of First Impressions™ telephone skills mastery curriculum.
  • We are the only firm with a comprehensive cause marketing offering that shows dental practices how to do well by doing good while delivering oral health education and treatment to needy children in developing countries. Our Foundation is called Dentists’ Climb For A Cause.
  • We offer PACE-approved continuing dental education, both via our Strategies Tips and Secrets, do it yourself dental marketing curriculum and PracticePerfection© webcast education series.
  • To encourage both health professionals and the healthcare consuming public to become aware of the links between oral and overall health, I served as founding executive committee chair of the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health, and continue to manage and moderate the LinkedIn Group on oral-systemic health (keyword: AAOSH).
  • And of course, our ‘get the phone to ring’ suite of services offered by AIM Dental Marketing®

If philosophy and offering make sense to you, I will be honored to make your acquaintance, confirm your goals, and confirm how ADM and I might be of assistance.
Simply call 800-723-6523 or contact us today!
Our AIM is your success!

Daniel A. ‘Danny’ Bobrow, MBA (finance), MBA (marketing)

AIM MarketingOne Size Does Not Fit All For Dental Marketing

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