AIM Dental Marketing

Discover Dental Practice Revenue Opportunities and Plug Profit Leaks

Dental Practice Revenue opportunities

Use Key Performance Indicators (“KPIs”) to unlock the secrets in your dental practice operations and patient management. We will walk through a “Profit Leaks Analysis” to learn how to use KPIs proactively – and learn about some vital KPIs you have not seen before. Most solo dental offices see $700,000-$1M in potential profit leaks!

Learn that Net new patients are the key

The health of your dental practice for the long term depends on a steady stream of new patients.

Find out how much revenue you are leaving on the table with PPOs – and what to do about it

Look at the fine print of your PPO plans and look closely at how dental insurance is affecting your bottom line. Find out how you can change that!

Distinguish being ‘Busy’ and ‘Productive’ with Production Per Visit

How much is a good average to look for in each patient visit to ensure productivity and profitability that have a positive impact on your dental practice’s revenue?

Measure how well you are watching the back door

It’s just as important to measure what’s going out as what’s coming in. Know which metrics to watch and how to measure them to establish benchmarks for your practice.

About our Presenter

Raymond F. “Rick” Willeford, MBA, CPA was a Dental CPA for 40 years. He has been an avid writer for Dental Economics, and is an internationally sought-out speaker. After he sold his CPA practice, he immediately dusted off his Electrical Engineering degree from Georgia Tech to develop DentaMetrix—a professional grade data extraction and dashboard program for consultants, DSOs and experienced practice administrators. The combination of his knowledge of cutting-edge technologies, his deep dental business experience and his understanding of the practice management side of dentistry give him a unique perspective to enhance revenues and plug profit leaks in a practice.

AIM MarketingDiscover Dental Practice Revenue Opportunities and Plug Profit Leaks