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AIM Helps PCIHIPAA Clients ‘Get’ SEO

AIM Helps PCIHIPAA Clients ‘Get’ SEO

PCIHIPAA, the company that protects dental offices from data breaches while ensuring compliance with HIPAA regulations, recently featured AIM Dental Marketing® and its president Daniel A. ‘Danny’ Bobrow, MBA (marketing), MBA (finance) in its Partner Spotlight. Bobrow shared an article entitled:

Four Reasons SEO Is Important To Your Practice

SEO can be an efficient and valuable way to connect with the growing number of patients who are searching for a dental office online. continue reading

Many thanks for helping spread this important message, and for helping keep dental practices safe and free to focus on helping patients.

Learn more and receive a Complimentary HIPAA Risk Assessment here

AIM MarketingAIM Helps PCIHIPAA Clients ‘Get’ SEO

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