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CDS To Host Daniel Bobrow at 2018 Midwinter Meeting

CDS To Host Daniel Bobrow at 2018 Midwinter Meeting

On Friday, February 23rd, from 1:00 PM until 2:30 PM AIM Dental Marketing® president Daniel A. ‘Danny’ Bobrow will deliver a presentation for the Chicago Dental Society’s 153rd Midwinter Meeting entitled:
Connect With Callers: First Impressions Really Do Count
Location: McCormick Place West
Room: W471A
“Investing in, even a well thought through and executed, dental marketing plan without first ensuring that those who will be fielding inquiries are thoroughly prepared to convert those inquiries into patient appointments is a quintessential example of placing the cart before the horse.” Says Bobrow, a 29 year dental marketing veteran whose company AIM Dental Marketing® is the nation’s most experienced full service dental marketing agency. “By providing a team with the resources, structure, and training, it can easily convert eighty to ninety percent of prospective patient calls vs. the typical twenty five to thirty five percent.  It only makes good business sense, therefore, to ensure your front office team members are ‘ready for prime time,’ and I am both excited and honored to have the opportunity to share this Message with the CDS.” Concludes Bobrow.

Drawing upon 28 years experience, the speaker will guide attendees through the process of making a good first impression, from initial phone call to the enrolled new patient. Key lecture points include: establishing rapport, conveying empathy, exuding enthusiasm and confidence, the art and science of questioning and listening, handling “price shopper,” insurance and second opinion calls.

  • Understand and quantify the value of enhanced call handling skills for sustained practice growth
  • Master the skills to self-coach and coach others to become master telephone communicators
AIM MarketingCDS To Host Daniel Bobrow at 2018 Midwinter Meeting

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