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June Call Analysis and Recommendations

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Please listen to, then evaluate, the call using the distinctions presented in The TAFI Introduction™ before proceeding to our Evaluation. The main benefit of Call Of The Month is to ‘Flex your self-coaching muscle.’

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The title of this Month’s might rightly be…

Empathy Rules!

From the start, the Team Member showed a high degree of concern for the Caller’s challenges in finding a suitable dentist for her and her husband.

This call may have, on the surface, sounded simple to handle but, had the Team Member not done such a wonderful job of establishing rapport, conveying empathy, and exuding enthusiasm, as stressed in The TAFI Introduction™, it may well have ended differently.

Note how she acknowledges and addresses the Caller’s less than positive previous experience with dentistry, and supports her decision making process. This all goes a long way toward establishing a positive connection, leading the Caller to trust the Team Member and, by extension, the practice.

Examples of how the Team Member exuded enthusiasm included when referring to the Offer she said “Oh yeah, that’s a nice one too!” and how she “talked up” the dentist in general.

Also great was how she used the opportunity to book two, not just one, appointment. “Well now are you both due? (for an appointment)” was her (assumptive close) question.

She also was non judgmental when the Caller stated it had been at least a year since she’d seen the dentist.

The icing on the proverbial cake was exhibited when the Team Member filled a hole in the schedule by offering an appointment ‘today.’ But she was not done yet!

The Team Member closed by demonstrating her ability to direct the new patient to the office. She then went ‘the extra mile’ by offering the same Special Offer (best not to use ‘coupon’ but it certainly did not hurt in this instance) to the caller’s husband.

This TAFI Master understands that such ‘qualifying questions’ such as those concerning insurance are best left until after the patient has been sold on the appointment.

She even helped direct the Caller to the practice website, thereby demonstrating even more Value and Caring to this new patient.


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