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AIM President Hosts Expert On Getting Dentists Payments From Uncle Sam

AIM President Hosts Expert On Getting Dentists Payments From Uncle Sam

On November 18th, AIM Dental Marketing’s president and CEO Daniel A. ‘Danny’ Bobrow hosted Kathryn Devereaux for her presentation entitled:

The IRS Has Your Money – You Need Only Ask For It! Two little known, but totally legal, ways to receive up to $500,000 from Uncle Sam!

Most dentists are unaware they may legally receive large cash payments by completing a simple qualifying application.

Kathy Devereaux has worked with dentists nationwide since the R&D and Employee Retention Credit rebate programs were codified into law in 2017. Since then, Kathy has helped dentists nationwide receive from $50,000 to $570,000 in cash from the Federal Government.   Her work within and outside of dentistry will result in payouts of over $400 million in 2021 alone!

Her emphasis on dentistry began when it became obvious dentists needed an advocate to show how their current hiring and training practices could be leveraged into cash payments from the Federal Government.

Working with dentists in the “IRS credits arena” Kathy has helped practices from coast to coast grow by providing them with unexpected, but welcome, working capital.

Attendees learned: the many myths surrounding the program concerning eligibility and qualification; the simple steps to apply for cash payments from the IRS; and how to repeat the process each and every year you are in practice.

The webcast ran for around one hour.  While attendees were in listen-only mode, they were invited to submit questions or comments. Questions asked included:
  1. Why hasn’t my CPA told me about this all these years?
  2. Can I only do it for one year?
  3. What if I have a partner in my practice?
  4. Do I have to pay my CPA to do anything?
  5. What if I don’t’ get any money back?
  6. Why can’t you do this and send it in when my CPA sends in my regular tax filing?
  7. Do I have to pay taxes on this money?
  8. Does this increase my chances of being audited?
  9. Does investing in various dental marketing strategies qualify for the R&D Credit?

To view the webcast CLICK HERE

AIM MarketingAIM President Hosts Expert On Getting Dentists Payments From Uncle Sam