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Improve Dental Website Rankings While Creating Practice Ambassadors

Improve Dental Website Rankings While Creating Practice Ambassadors

Dental Patient Testimonial Videos Are One Key That Opens The Door To More New Dental Patients.

Most dentists and dental team members instinctively understand and appreciate the value of video in general, and dental videos in particular, to help grow their practice.

If you want to improve dental website rankings, the following is a succinct explanation of why dental patient testimonial videos offer such power and potential, and how to ensure a steady stream of testimonial videos for your dental practice.

Step 1. Meet with your Team and confirm their ‘buy in’ of the importance of securing patient testimonial videos.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, video is worth a million! Explain to your Team that dental testimonial videos help engage website visitors far more than mere text can.  It not only provides the web surging public with social proof to bolster their decision to call your practice.  Video keeps website visitors on your site longer, which is a key determinant of the User Experience (UX) and accordingly, Google’s algorithm for calculating your dental website’s domain authority.

Step 2. Agree on the best place to shoot your video.

Be sure to consider:

  • Lighting – Is the patient being washed out by too much light, or are they hard to see owing to too little light?
  • Camera Angle – Eye level is usually best.  Too high of a camera angle can make the patient appear small, while too low an angle makes them look supersized.
  • Background – Be sure your background does not detract or distract.
  • Ideally, it will be ‘non-clinical.’ Your consultation area is preferable to a chairside view.
  • Sound quality/acoustics – Surprisingly, it is more often the case that a video is unusable because of audio, rather than video, issues.  To ensure high fidelity audio consider procuring a wired lapel microphone

Step 3. Arrange Role Plays using your video camera.

Take turns being the patient. Practice makes perfect.  Spend time allowing
each team member to be the patient as well as the director.

Step 4. Consider who would be great video candidates

During your huddle, discuss which patients would be great to have as part
of your online presence.  Consider geography, demographics, and
delivered treatment. Strive to diversify your video portfolio as doing so will
pay big search engine ranking dividends

Step 5. Prep The Patient

When scheduling/confirming the appointment, ask the patient if he/she
would “…mind saying a few words on camera about your experience as our
Expect some initial resistance until you’ve mastere4d your

Step 6. Schedule extra time for the shoot to ensure it is not forgotten.

If the patient will be numbed up, consider doing the video prior to
the procedure. It’s a GREAT IDEA to add a new procedure code (e.g.
Video) into your Practice Management System so you can actually schedule
the time for this ‘procedure’ 5-10 minutes is all you’ll need!

Step 7. Practice ‘directing’ the patient.

Questions to have them ponder prior to, then deliver during the video are:
-Who are you?
-How long have you been a patient?
-What do you LOVE about being a patient?
-Why will others enjoy being a patient here?

Step 8. Offer a gift to the patient for doing the video.

It’s worth it because doing so makes them ‘part of the show’ which, in turn,
makes them a Practice Ambassador.

Step 9. Upload your video to YouTube.

Be sure to correctly optimize by Titling, Tagging, and Describing it correctly,
then posting it to your website, social media, etc.

Be sure to have patients sign a Video Release giving the practice explicit authorization to use their likeness in your promotional materials.

A Dental Patient Testimonial VIdeo is one of THE most effective Dental Marketing tactics because, once you and your Team master the protocol, it becomes as second nature as performing a hygiene check.

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AIM MarketingImprove Dental Website Rankings While Creating Practice Ambassadors

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