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AIM President Hosts the Leader in Leadership Coaching

AIM President Hosts the Leader in Leadership Coaching

Linda Drevenstedt, MS, President of Drevenstedt Consulting, is an Executive Leadership coach, speaker, and author. Her approach is honest and straightforward, yet gentle.

She has extensive and direct experience ‘within the dental trenches,’ first as a dental hygienist, then assistant, and practice administrator of a multi-specialty dental group.

AIM Dental Marketing’s Founder and President sat down with Linda for an entertaining and information-packed session entitled

Top Tier Transformation
Producing Peak Performers

Her presentation equipped attendees to: Clearly identify your practice leadership level to reach your next level of
success, ask the Three Power Questions for effective leadership communication, practice 4 powerful communications elements to enhance your, leadership effectiveness, take 5 actionable steps to create team excellence and a thriving practice, recognize the 6 traits of a compelling leader, adopt a crucial leadership conversation model that really works, and more.

Some questions that were asked and answered during the Event included:

  1. How do I lead and do dentistry at the same time?
  2. When you ask an employee if they need anything to be successful, what if they ‘don’t know what they don’t know,’ that is, beyond obviously missing resources, malfunctioning technology, how do they know what they need?
  3. How does one know she has reached the level to hire a Practice Manager/Administrator?
  4. What if it’s the appointed office leader that is falling short?
  5. How do I find out about the DISC stuff for me and my team?
  6. What is the best book on leadership? …on Emotional Intelligence?
  7. Why don’t they teach leadership in dental school if it is so important?
  8. I have a worker who is high ability but low/middle commitment. How do I move him along the leadership curve/level up?
  9. Can you restate the exercise to de-domesticate and re-domesticate a worker?Click below to view the entire webcast.
AIM MarketingAIM President Hosts the Leader in Leadership Coaching

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