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Dentistry Is A Team Sport! Empower your Team to be Champion Performers

Dentistry Is A Team Sport! Empower your Team to be Champion Performers

Clinical and technical skills are critical to your success in dentistry. Equally important to your clinical outcomes and bottom line, however, are behavior skills – the way your dental team interacts among themselves, and with current and prospective patients.

While we cannot always predict what interactions will arise, you can influence your team to adapt and respond in new, and more effective, ways.

World Series-winning pitcher Jim Mecir, and professional speaker, facilitator and applied improviser Ellen Schnur demonstrated how to empower everyone on your team to: Foster a culture that makes everyone feel safe and respected, Deal more effectively with difficult people, Become more aware of their impact on others, Listen like they want to be heard, Adapt to uncertainty and change, Develop greater resiliency, and Learn about conflict transformation.

How a team behaves together matters much more than we realize. Sharpening behavior skills (some call them soft skills) not only boosts morale and affects customer satisfaction, it will affect your bottom line.

“Yes, And…” It truly does take the whole team, starting with the leader… you!  That’s right you.  Each of us should expect to assume a leadership role at some point in their work with others.

Skills and mindsets these exercises help develop include: Teamwork, Trust, Resilience, Flexibility, Adaptability, Listening, Collaboration,
Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, Motivation, Empathy, Compassion, Social Skills, Conflict Management, Constructive Feedback, Clarify,
& Non-Verbal Communication.

The webcast allowed attendees to experience how to be better team players, even when things get tough, and discussed how it
all relates directly back to their jobs, their patients, and their life.

Communication and EQ skills are tough to learn just from a book or a lecture.

It’s all about the experience!


AIM MarketingDentistry Is A Team Sport! Empower your Team to be Champion Performers

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