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What you don’t know CAN hurt you! Cybersecurity: The Master Lock for Your Dental Practice!

What you don’t know CAN hurt you! Cybersecurity: The Master Lock for Your Dental Practice!

AIM Dental Marketing president Daniel A. ‘Danny’ Bobrow sat down with Dr. Lorne Lavine aka The Digital Dentist to share with attendees a topic of growing importance to dental practice owners everywhere: cybersecurity.

Dr. Lavine has over 30 years invested in the dental and dental technology fields.  He is a Certified Network and Computer Repair Technician, and a HIPAA-Certified Security Professional. He has extensive hands-on experience with most practice management and image management software, digital and intraoral cameras, computers, networks, and digital radiography systems.

Lorne writes for many well-known industry publications and lectures across the country. He is the regular Technology Columnist for Dental Products Report, and the former technology consultant for the Indian Health Service.

Attendees at this event left with a deeper understanding of what ransomware is and what it does.  THey learned the statistics on how ransomware has affected the dental industry, mastered new technologies for dealing with ransomware, learned how HIPAA affects all of this, and help attendees develop their own “treatment plan” to protect and secure their practices’ critical data, both patient and financial.

The following questions were asked and answered during the Event:

  1. Are dentists really at risk for this?
  2. My IT guy installed antivirus software and says I’m protected, is he wrong?
  3. How much should a practice budget for IT and cybersecurity?
  4. Can I handle this on my own?
  5. What questions should I be asking my IT provider?
  6. How do you address a breach/ransomware attack once it occurs?
  7. Do you unbundle?
  8. What has the trend been in terms of breaches?
  9. What specifically is your company doing to prevent breaches of the kind practices in WI, Seattle, Dallas, etc. experienced?
  10. If our data is not in the cloud, does that lessen the exposure to ransomware?
  11. Can we ask for handouts for this course, like a copy of the questions to declare a breach?
  12. Can you elaborate on what constitutes a REAL risk assessment?
  13. Are there any compliance differences for Canada-based practices?
  14. Can your clients really rely on your service to notify them of a breach or ransomware attack?
  15. My head is reeling. Nervous as hell. I will call you. Or e-mail. Need to calm down first. Great webinar, otherwise.

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AIM MarketingWhat you don’t know CAN hurt you! Cybersecurity: The Master Lock for Your Dental Practice!

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